Hesketh Advogados believes that making the world a better place is everyone’s duty: citizens, enterprises, governments, and institutions. Our professionals are doing their part.

Hesketh Advogados is concerned about actively participating in the construction of a more righteous, sustainable, and equal society; gathering efforts with the civil society and other bodies of the Judiciary in order to reach this objective.

One example is our participation in the Grupo de Trabalho Interinstitucional sobre Educação Infantil [Inter-institutional Work Group on Child Education] (GTIEI). Through the action of GTIEI, the Special Chamber of the São Paulo Court of Appeals has determined in an unprecedented decision that public hearings shall be held in order to create a schedule to solve the problem of lack of vacancies in child care centers in São Paulo. You can find more information on this subject in the “News” tab. This strategy may be replicated for any complex demand involving social rights.

Another example of our concern with sustainability is our participation in the recycling program developed by Edifício Conjunto Nacional, where our head offices are located. In addition, the concept of social responsibility is practiced in all of our office departments by prioritizing the hiring of suppliers with proper and sustainable policies and through pro bono defense in social and human rights causes.