The firm has also worked in the area of Innovation, in the following fronts:

  • Specialized legal counsel in technological innovation, research and development projects
  • Consultancy and analysis of projects for qualification in the concepts of technological innovation, research and development, from the definition of the desired scope and objectives of the technological innovation up to its implementation
  • Drafting of internal policies, rules and legal instruments for the implementation of projects and models to stimulate technological innovation, research and development
  • Assistance in external collaboration programs for internal corporate or organizational technological innovation
  • Consultancy for project management and transfer of know-how
  • Analysis, drafting of contracts and adoption of measures before public agencies, such as the Brazilian Industrial Property Institute (INPI), to safeguard intellectual property rights and receive royalties from the object of the innovation
  • Consultancy in relation to incentives to research and  technological innovation and to the tax benefits related to the sector, such as the Goods Act (“Lei do Bem”)