Real Estate

The firm has broad experience in the acquisition, maintenance and regularization of urban and rural real estate assets, contemplating a multidisciplinary analysis with related areas, such as administrative, environmental and urban planning.

Some of our routine activities:

  • Assistance in subdivisions, real estate developments, civil construction and rural properties
  • Notary and registrar law: unifications, consolidations, splits and parceling, administrative proceedings for the rectification of area, assessment of remaining areas, regularization of annotations and registrations
  • Regularization of properties with the City, Federal Property Service and INCRA
  • Assessment of risks in the acquisition of properties, involving owners, subsidiaries, affiliates and related companies, as well as past owners
  • Assessment of the regularity of the property before the Real Estate Registry Office and Agencies of the Public Administration, whether in relation to the building, fiscal and tax status and environmental legal analysis
  • Resolution of conflicts in the litigation area